The Affordable Care Act is just the beginning. As the largest union of healthcare workers in the country, SEIU played a pivotal role in passing this landmark healthcare law. But even with healthcare reform, many Oregonians will continue to struggle with getting quality, affordable care from an industry whose transparency and economics are at odds with the goal of keeping our communities healthy.

Act Now for a Healthy Oregon is a new campaign that combines and extends all of SEIU’s work on healthcare. With healthcare workers in the lead, we are working on many fronts to meet the industry’s own framework of the Triple Aim: enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, increasing affordability of healthcare.

While many organizations around the country are working on healthcare reform

SEIU is on the frontlines of change

      • We represent healthcare workers that are uniquely positioned to proactively affect the Triple Aim as providers and purchasers.
      • Our members are socioeconomically diverse, culturally competent, and represent people across the continuum of care.
      • Our members understand the financial and personal battles that face today’s patients in hospitals across Oregon. Close to 40% (21,200) of the SEIU Local 503 workforce do not have access to employment-based health insurance. 7,000 of them are now enrolled in healthcare through the state exchange and on the Oregon Health Plan. In fact, SEIU members represent nearly 10% of Cover Oregon’s current enrollment.

Hospital workers struggle to afford their own healthcare, for themselves and their families, and often have plans that are designed poorly and restrict access to care. As healthcare costs continue to skyrocket while people’s wages remain stagnant, families are actually losing real income and we cannot bargain to make up the costs.

SEIU is working to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for our members and working families both locally and across the United States. Our efforts include:

Making Policies That Matter
In the public arena, we are proposing commonsense policy solutions that take steps to address transparency, quality, and affordability of healthcare in Oregon.

Championing Healthcare Reform
We successfully enrolled 6,000 Oregonians into health insurance during the first open enrollment period and will continue playing an instrumental role in helping to shape and rollout the Affordable Care Act.

Improving Quality of Care
We are dedicated to making sure healthcare workers have a meaningful voice on the job and to continue to play a pivotal role in improving quality patient care.

Creating Good Jobs
We actively bargain with hospitals and use our labor partnerships across the region to make sure our hospitals provide good jobs, raise standards, and make sure that quality, affordable healthcare is available for everyone – including healthcare workers.