“My daughter recently had a beautiful baby girl at Kaiser. Working at Kaiser, I knew that the level of care that my daughter and granddaughter was going to get was going to be exceptional. But not everyone knows the kind of care they’ll receive before they get it. Everyone deserves to make informed decisions around the care they receive.”
 –Mary Brooks, Detail Clerk, Kaiser, SEIU Local 49

Enhancing Patient Experience

The Problem: Hospitals vary in the quality of service they provide. Some hospitals make more frequent errors than others, but this information is not currently accessible to the public.

 We believe hospitals should prominently display (in the hospital and on their website) the quality of care provided at the hospital and competing hospitals. Quality of care information should include past performance on measures such as infection rates, mortality rates, patient satisfaction rates and other measures.

  • Oregonians should be able to compare nearby hospitals based on the quality of care they provide.
  • Hospital quality of care information should be easy for the public to obtain.
  • Our community deserves to know the type of care hospitals are providing and make decisions based on this information


Worker and patient safety requires frontline engagement, culturally competent programs, appropriate staffing levels, and ongoing worker training.

  • Improvements have been made in long term care, but at many hospitals we have seen an increase in acuity and a decrease in staffing — which is putting more and more stress on our 6,500 acute care hospital workers.
  • Hospital jobs are challenging, ever-changing, and often dangerous. Difficult lifting, contagious patients, and on-the-spot problem solving often leads to workers putting patient safety first at the worker’s own peril. Hospitals could make relatively easy changes that would have long term positive effects, such as providing culturally appropriate and ongoing trainings, engaging workers on how to do their work better and safer, and bringing more transparency to worker safety issues by tracking injuries for contractors and payroll staff.