Each year, thousands of Oregonians avoid or limit their healthcare due to rising costs, and an ever-increasing number of people are taking on medical debt. With healthcare workers in the lead, we are working on many fronts to meet the industry’s own framework of the Triple Aim: enhancing the patient experience, improving population health, and increasing the affordability of healthcare.

Learn more about how we are working with community leaders, our members, elected officials, and industry executives to help Oregon hospitals achieve the Triple Aim.

Enhancing the Patient Experience

Quality transparency: We believe hospitals should prominently display their quality ratings so patients can make informed decisions about where they receive care.

Worker and patient safety: Worker and patient safety requires frontline engagement, culturally competent programs, appropriate staffing levels, and ongoing worker training.

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Improving Population Health

Minimum charity care: We believe not-for-profit hospitals should reinvest in the communities they serve.

Ensuring healthcare jobs are good jobs: Many hospitals and health systems pay workers so little that they qualify for charity care and public assistance programs.

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Increasing Affordability of Care

Pricing transparency: We believe hospitals should make prices readily available and easy to understand.

Executive compensation and bonuses: Executive compensation should be evaluated and bonuses should be tied to quality standards and outcomes.

Reasonable rates: Hospital rates should be uniform and consistent across the board for individuals a as well as insurance companies.

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Act Now For A Healthy Oregon’s goal is to improve access to quality, affordable care for all Oregonians. Your feedback is important in helping us better understand critical issues around receiving affordable quality healthcare.
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