Each year, thousands of Oregonians avoid or limit their care due to high healthcare costs, and ever increasing numbers of people are taking on medical debt.

With healthcare workers leading the way, SEIU’s Act Now for a Healthy Oregon effort is working to achieve the goal of keeping our communities healthy by achieving the Triple Aim: improving quality, enhancing access, and increasing affordability of care.

Learn more about the issues we are working on affecting hospital quality and pricing.

Quality Transparency – Hospitals should prominently display their quality ratings

Cost Transparency – Hospitals should make prices readily available and easy to understand.

Executive Compensation – Hospital executives’ compensation should not exceed 15 times the pay of the lowest paid employee at the hospital

Reasonable Rates – Hospital rates should be uniform and consistent across the board, for individuals as well as insurance companies

Minimum Charity Care – Will require non profit hospitals to spend 5% of payments for hospitals services on charity healthcare and community services