“I don’t understand why hospitals charge drastically different prices for the same procedures. Our community should know what these costs are actually for and be able to make decisions base on this information.”

–Renato Quintero, Custodian, SBM, Vice President Property Services, SEIU Local 49


The Problem: Hospital services have become increasingly unaffordable for many Oregonians. Many hospitals often charge patients more than double what it costs them to provide the service. Hospitals in the same community often charge different amounts for the same service and charge different prices to different insurance providers.

We believe hospitals should set up uniform and reasonable rates for individuals and health plans. Prices for services would be capped at no more than 30% above the actual cost of providing care.

  • It makes no sense for different hospitals to charge different prices for the same services.
  • Price limits would be adjusted to allow hospitals to recover losses from treating low income and uninsured patients through charity and Medicaid care.
  • Price limits would not apply to small, rural hospitals designated as Critical Access Hospitals, which face a different set of challenges.