Increasing the Affordability of Care


PRICING TRANSPARENCY “For our community, For our patients, we have a responsibility at every level to  be transparent. ” –Julie Markiewicz, Auditor II, Kaiser & Vice President, Healthcare, SEIU Local 49 The Problem: Hospital prices are confusing and typically not disclosed to patients before billing. Hospitals in the same community often…

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Enhancing the Patient Experience


QUALITY TRANSPARENCY “My daughter recently had a beautiful baby girl at Kaiser. Working at Kaiser, I knew that the level of care that my daughter and granddaughter was going to get was going to be exceptional. But not everyone knows the kind of care they’ll receive before they get it. Everyone deserves to make…

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What’s Your Story?


Do you have a healthcare story? We believe that hospitals should provide high quality healthcare while striving for greater access and affordability. Please help us make the case for change by sharing your story!  

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Each year, thousands of Oregonians avoid or limit their care due to high healthcare costs, and ever increasing numbers of people are taking on medical debt. With healthcare workers leading the way, SEIU’s Act Now for a Healthy Oregon effort is working to achieve the goal of keeping our communities healthy by…

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We’re a Healthcare Workers’ Union & We’ve Been Making a Difference. SEIU is working to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for our members and working families both locally and across our country. We are one of the biggest defenders of Medicaid and Medicare funding and we played a pivotal…

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